Definitions for "Data table"
A Tivoli Decision Support for OS/390 table that contains performance data used to create reports.
A table that is used to present data in a tabular or spreadsheet format. This contrasts with a layout table that uses the same construct for a different purpose. In a data table contents of a cells are related to cell contents in adjacent cells.
In the context of the Data Migration Project, a data table can be an ASCII text file that has many header records followed by "n" records of data values. A data table may also be in DOS Lotus 123 (spreadsheet) format. Typically, data tables are prepared for viewing data, rather than processing or analyzing data.
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A file that contains record and field values arranged in rows and columns for storage on your drive. In the case of PTWin32 it is synonymous with Database.
A means of organising data in neat labelled columns and rows.
a series of constants that are interpreted when they are used
Range of cells that shows the answers generated by formulas in which different values have been substituted.
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an abstraction of some class
a very complex environment for non-visual users