Definitions for "Data source"
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A data source is a file that contains the data that varies in each copy of a merged document. For example, a data source can include the name and address of each recipient of a form letter.
A specific data site where data are stored and can be obtained. Any source of data from a specific organization such as a database or data file. A data source may include non-automated data, but it does not included unpublished documents containing data.
A description of where to obtain data. It is often specified in terms of organization (e.g., U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), publication (Health U.S., 1993), or information system (e.g., IHS Resource and Patient Management System). Some data are available from more than one source. For example, birth and infant death records may be obtained from State vital events offices, the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, or the IHS AI/AN natality and mortality databases.
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A collection of data electronically stored within a relational database, legacy system, or object database.
a Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) object used to obtain a connection from a connection pool to a database
a Java object that has the attributes and methods specified in the javax
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a component that provides for the interaction between datasets, which access data, and data controls, which are the user interface elements for data access
a database access definition
an instance of a DBMS product and any remote operating system and the protocol required to access it
This refers to the DATASRC field in ledgers. By default, this field contains the name of the import definition that resulted in the records being added to the ledger.
a collection of related database fields and a set of actions that can act on these fields
a connection to a database that allows you to insert fields from the database into a StarOffice document
a named connection to a database
an interface that allows simple JDBC connections and advanced services like the PooledConnection and distributed transactions that involve multiple databases (XA)
a vendor-independent encapsulation of a connection to a database server
a logical name for a data repository or database
A database, application, repository, or file that contributes data to a warehouse.
A database, application, repository, or file that provides data.
an application server such as SQL Server or a data file such as a dBASE file
A type of target system where data is either manipulated using a non-procedural language, such as SQL, or where the data manipulation can be mapped in a non-procedural manner.
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a folder or share
In DPM, a share, volume, folder, or file that is a member of a protection group.
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a collection of data files on a CD-ROM, hard disk, or diskette
a description of where Oracle Capacity Planner can collect the data items for a class
Identifies the origin of the information you plan on collecting.
a representation of where data can be imported into Sandvox via drag and drop
The file that contains the variable information for a merge document.
This term is used in merging to refer to information that changes in each letter, for example, names and addresses.
Michigan Department of Education Form B
School district data derived from information collected by the U.S. Census Bureau, Form F-33, as reported by the state education agency. State and national data derived from information collected by the National Center for Education Statistics, National Public Education Financial Survey, as reported by the state education agency.
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a SAS library, table, or column that is identified by an LDAP entry
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The part of a DTE that enters data into a data link.
Instruments, records, or other resources you will use to provide information about your project's needs analysis and evaluation; examples include written surveys, interviews, structured observation, documents
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a name that you specify when you upload a feed to the appliance
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a set of data read by the Map Translator
In communications, a device capable of originating data signals for a transmission device. It also may accept error control signals.
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a place where data comes from