Definitions for "Data point"
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A single measurement, count, or observation.
Data points are numerical data, such as sales, cost, or profits. There are two kinds of data points: detail data points - single values, such as one sale or the cost of one product aggregate data points - summary values, such as total profit over a year or quarter
A data value sent to Final Storage as the result of an Output Instruction. Low resolution data points are ± 6999; high resolution data points are ± 99999. Records of data points output at the same time make up Output Arrays.
Deontological Disintermediation
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a discrete entity represented on a graph
an individual value along a graph drawing/plot and occupies one column in the chart
A single value on a chart, represented by a dot, bar, area, or pie wedge.
an "outlier" if it comes from a different probability distribution or from a different deterministic model than the remainder of the data
For variables keeping history, the value of the variable and its corresponding collection times.
an item of factual information derived from measurement or research
a voltage and a current measurement corresponding to each resistance setting
a particular piece of information this consists of a particular category in addition to value
a piece of information that consists of a category and value
the location in three-dimensional space of an x,y,z coordinate.
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A collection of one or more bytes.
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an instance of a datatype , which is an instance of a type class