Definitions for "Data Matrix"
Data Matrix from CiMatrix is a 2-D matrix code designed to pack a lot of information in a very small space. A Data Matrix symbol can store between one and 500 characters. The symbol is also scalable between a 1-mil square to a 14-inch square. That means that a Data Matrix symbol has a maximum theoretical density of 500 million characters to the inch! The practical density will, of course, be limited by the resolution of the printing and reading technology used.
table or matrix of scores in which persons, subjects, or cases are listed in rows of the table and the information collected on each subject is listed along the columns of the table (Shavelson, 1996)
T the public domain code from RVSI Acuity CiMatrix, is a 2D matrix symbology designed to pack a lot of information into a very small space. The Data Matrix symbology employs Reed-Solomon error correction with data redundancy to guarantee a fast and accurate read.
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