Definitions for "Data Element"
The type of data passed through HEX API. Data elements contain subelements which contain the actual data.
A data element is a measurement or observation on a unit that will be stored in a database. In statistics, we call this a variable.
Description of a basic unit of identifiable and definable information to occupy a specific data field in a computer record. Example: `Date of ratification of name by the names authority'.
(1) (ISO) A named unit of data that, in some contexts, is considered indivisible and in other contexts may consist of data items. (2) A named identifier of each of the entities and their attributes that are represented in a database.
a context independent (i
a single unit of data that is considered indivisible
a completely self-contained definition of a FITS table column, image, or keyword
an identifiable piece of data which can have unique access attributes
a unique entry in a metadata registry
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a set of bits, the layout of the bits is described by the Datatype (see below)
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a typed data representation
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an array which contains the data to display
An individual data entity, such as last name or telephone number.
User-entered or system generated data that collectively make up a record or report.