Definitions for "Data center"
A facility used to house mission critical computer systems and associated components. They generally include environmental controls (air conditioning, fire suppression, etc.), redundant/backup power supplies, and high security. Internet Service and Web Hosting Providers generally locate their Points of Presence and Web server facilities in data centers.
This is the building in which the web servers are located.
Interliant's Flagship Data Center in Atlanta, GA features redundant T3s, 10/ 100 Mbs switched fast Ethernet, performance-proven Cisco routers and Catalyst switches.
an essential enabler to build and establish ICT capabilities, enable businesses and sustain ICT develop -ment in the Philippines, Romero explained further
Any computing environment where there is a service agreement between the people managing the computing resources and the users. A company computer network...
a big room with racks and racks of server computers that store data, process transactions, run Web sites and handle large processing tasks
a complex and interdependent environment, however, it can be broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces
Data Centre is a centralised warehouse for storage, management, and dissemination of data and information organised around a particular area or body of knowledge. The data centre may contain a network operations centre (NOC), which is a restricted access area containing automated systems that constantly monitor Server Activity, Web Traffic, Network Performance and Report even very slight irregularities to engineers so that they can spot potential problems before they really happen.
a centralized repository, either physical or virtual
A physically proximate collection of nodes and disks, usual all in one room.
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