Definitions for "DAT"
digital audiotape, a digitally encoded tape recording of sound; -- in contrast to the usual analog audio tape.
This type of magnetic tape, introduced by Sony, at one point threatened to supplant the normal audio cassette with a better quality alternative. Unfortunately,...
4 mm cartridge tape.
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Drug Action Team: multi-agency partnership implementing the governmentâ€(tm)s national drug strategy at a local level.
isaster ction eam. Red Cross volunteers who make the initial response to a disaster scene. Their job is to assess the situation and begin any needed relief. DAT responds to incidents ranging from single family house fires to large-scale emergencies affecting entire communities. Red Cross chapters are assigned blocks of unit numbers to be used on the nationwide 47.42 MHz frequency by the National HQ. Any chapter may operate on this channel. The Monroe County Chapter makes the most consistent use of the radio. Rochester's number block is 1655-1674.
Disaster Action Team
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Diphtheria antitoxin
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File genenco che contiene dei dati
Data file.
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igital udio ape
Dental Admission Testing Program All United States dental schools require applicants to take the DAT.
Dental Admission Test required of applicants to dental schools.
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Double Acting Tanker. A tanker with a stern section designed for icebreaking. The tanker will sail with the stern first in ice conditions and bow first in normal operating conditions.
See Dynamic Address Translation.
Dynamic Address Translation. The change of a logical storage address to an actual storage address. See also Address translation.
ESRA Dynamic Assessment for Transportation(tm) (ESRA DAT (tm))
deposition analysis threshold. a DAT is the additional amount of nitrogen or sulfur deposition within a Class I area, below which estimated impacts from a proposed new or modified source are considered insignificant.
Acronym for "Decision Augmentation Theory".
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see desk appearance ticket
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Driver Assist Technologies font
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Director of Advanced Training
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the opposite of DIS
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days after treatment sample size
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Data (multiple programs)
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Data Common