Definitions for "Dart"
Keywords:  missile, thrown, javelin, arrow, weapon
A pointed missile weapon, intended to be thrown by the hand; a short lance; a javelin; hence, any sharp-pointed missile weapon, as an arrow.
To throw with a sudden effort or thrust, as a dart or other missile weapon; to hurl or launch.
To fly or pass swiftly, as a dart.
Keywords:  tuck, tapers, garment, bust, pie
A "V" shaped, tapered adjustment to a pattern to allow for more fullness in the one area or less fullness in other areas. Clothing term.
Stitched fabric fold, tapering at one end, used to shape flat fabric to the contours of the figure.
A pie-or V-shaped seam that starts wide and tapers off the edge of the fabric. A dart molds a flat piece of fabric so that it fits smoothly over a rounded area of the body, like around hips, bust or the top of your head.
A fish; the dace. See Dace.
simulates the body and actions of an injured baitfish that in turns stimulates a strike from a food fish that can include steelhead, salmon, and cod. A dart can look like a candlefish, herring, smelt, or anchovy.
Digital Alarm Radio Transmitter. A system component that is connected to or an integral part of, a DACT that is used to provide an alternate radio transmission channel.
Downed Aircraft Rescue Transmitter ALSO Disaster Assistance Response Team
(DOD) See Disaster Assistance Response Team.
Keywords:  rapidly, thicket, throw, shoot, skim
To throw suddenly or rapidly; to send forth; to emit; to shoot; as, the sun darts forth his beams.
To start and run with velocity; to shoot rapidly along; as, the deer darted from the thicket.
move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart
a concave trapezium with two sets of adjacent sides congruent; also called an arrowhead or a deltoid
Diversity Arrays Technology
DART, or Demonstration for Autonomous Rendezvous Technology, is a NASA sponsored project. The goal was to develop and demonstrate an automated navigation and rendezvous capability in a NASA spacecraft. Currently, only the Russian Space Agency and JAXA have autonomous space craft navigation.
Keywords:  dallas, transit, dublin, rapid, rail
Dublin Area Rail Transit
Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Keywords:  hastily, spear, dashed, prize, run
A spear set as a prize in running.
run or move very quickly or hastily; "She dashed into the yard"
To run dart is to sail dead before the wind.
Keywords:  forefinger, spoke, sudden, quick, speed
a sudden quick movement
move with sudden speed; "His forefinger darted in all directions as he spoke"
Dynamic Analysis Replanning Tool
Dynamic Advertising Reporting and Targeting
Data Archiving and Retention Tool This is SAP functionality which allows you to periodically extract and retain data from your R/3 system. The data is extracted into a sequential file. DART provides tools for viewing the retained data in different ways.
a brand of one or two person "beach" catamarans that are frequently raced competitively
Drug/Alcohol Recovery Treatment program. DART is now administered by the Division of Alcohol and Chemical Dependency. Among its responsibilities is a 35-day treatment process available to inmates based upon either a judicial recommendation or a needs assessment by prison staff.
a set of nylon ropes and braking systems attached to the underside of some ejection seats to control the seat deployment in a stable fashion.
A type of high-carbon, spring-tempered-back saw blade superior to standard carbon alloy blade in tooth hardness, abrasion resistance, and ability to be tensioned for faster, more accurate cutting.
Anything resembling a dart; anything that pierces or wounds like a dart.
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Daily Average Revenue Trades
Keywords:  wrinkle, controlled
a controlled wrinkle
Keywords:  edge, directed
a directed edge