Definitions for "Darshana"
"Viewing," an auspicious audience with a Deity or holy person.
"Point of view", term to name the six systems (branches) of the hindu philosophy, which are Mîmâmsâ, Nyâya, Vaisheshika, Sâmkhya, Yoga and Vedânta, the most famous. Another meaning for darshana, more popular, is the "vision" of the god image in His inner shrine, or the opportunity to meet a wise man or a spiritual master (Guru). Getting the darshana of a Master is a great luck and grants many boons
a vision or view. A `point of view` as in the six Orthodox Darshana or philosophical systems of India ( Samkhya, Yoga, Mimamsa, Vedanta, Nyaya, Vaisheshika ) each of which sheds a different light on the nature of life. Also refers to the sight – inner or outer , of a holy person, spirtual Master or enlightened Being, with reverence and concentration.