Definitions for "Darshan"
Keywords:  blessing, sight, deity, holy, glimpse
Seeing or being in the presence of a saint, a deity, or a sacred place.
Hindi darsan and Sanskrit darsana, "a seeing" (Greek derkomai, "I see") -- in Hindu belief, the virtue, uplifting, or blessing one receives in the presence of a great man.
the enjoyment of the presence and vision of a respected or revered person or of God, in any of His forms.
a Jewish preacher who is particularly skilled in aggadah and gives sermons and expositions of the biblical text in accordance with midrashic exegesis.
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Darshan is the second album released by Pakistani pop and rock singer, Shehzad Roy. It was released in 1997 and did very well, with some singles at the top of the charts.
an event Leslie Temple-Thurston offers that includes meditation and discussion
Perception. A pure soul has infinite perception. Darshanavaraniya A Ghati Karma that obscures the capacity of soul of perceiving everything.
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Seeing, meeting