Definitions for "dampening"
To control and minimize the amount of resonance of vibration created by the energy separated by board flex and surface of the snow. Any material like rubber sheer, built into the edges, or core that keep the board quiet and more responsive.
The term used with suspension and its ability to reduce small and quick, or high frequency vibrations from the ground.
The technique of reducing vibration of the snowboard in order to increase handling at high speeds. Some boards have a dampening material such as rubber laminated into the snowboard. As an alternative, some racers attach various materials to the topsheet.
The necessary process in offset lithography of wetting the printing plate to prevent ink from adhering in the non-image areas.
An essential part of the printing process whereby cloth covered rubber rollers distributes the dampening solution to the plate.
Paper to be printed is moistened to break down the sizing in its structure. This renders it softer and more receptive to the pressure of the press and the printing inks. Also: In lithography, the stone or aluminum plate is dampened and water adheres to the non-greased areas, thereby repelling the greasy ink.
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Die Die Cuutting Dot Gain
The relative ability to absorb energy and deaden oscillation after excitation.
the act or process of making something slightly wet.
The act of making something damp. A common malapropism for " damping"