Definitions for "damages"
a sum of money paid in compensation for an injury or wrong.
The compensation recoverable by a person who has sustained and injury, either to his or her person or property, through the act or default of another.
The financial compensation that a claimant seeks or a court awards for injuries sustained or property damaged by another. see also liquidated damages, punitive damages.
Debt Service Decree Deed Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Deed of Reconveyance Deed of Restriction Deed of Trust (Trust Deed) Default Defeasance Clause Defeased Defendants Original Answer Deficiency Deficiency Judgment Delinquency Demand Note Department of Veterans Affairs Discharge of Indebtedness Discovery Documentary Transfer Tax Double Whammy Down Payment Due Diligence Due on Encumbrance Due-on-Sale
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Destructive results of logging operations that exceed the sale contract allowances. Damages may include excessive skinning of residual trees, ruts that are too deep from skidding and hauling, trees felled across boundary fences or utility lines, cutting trees not designated for sale, etc.
Products that cannot be sold for any number of reasons; broken, ripped, dirty, tarnished, etc.
an early defence mechanism against the genesis of tumours
wrongful international acts which should be remedied by restitution in kind or if such is impossible, by payment of a sum corresponding to the value which restitution in kind would have had.
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Same as liquidated damages.
In contract work, either Actual - The actual increased cost to one part cause d by another part y's acts or failure to act, or Liquidated - The amount of money set forth in the contract as being the liability of the contractor for failure to complete the work by the contract completion date or adjusted contract completion date. It is an estimate of the damages the owner is likely to incur in the event of late completion by the contractor. Liquidated damages are typically expressed as a daily rate. [D04961] PDG
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The amount ordered by a judge to be paid by one party to another in a civil case.