Definitions for "Dal"
Keywords:  lentil, peas, bean, spicy, legumes
Split pulse, esp. of Cajanus Indicus.
Any of several varieties of pulses and beans used in soups and other preparations in Indian cooking.
Rich lentil broth, tangy and hot.
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Data Access Lines.
Dedicated Access Line A non-switched circuit from the customer to a carrier.
See Dedicated Access Line.
Keywords:  logement, droit
Droit Au Logement
An alleged alien ancient race of "Lyrians" who resemble Nordic humans. The Dal possess highly advanced technology and are reported to be assisting the "Pleidians" in much the same way they are covertly helping humanity on Earth.
detached address label. Paper or cardstock used to carry address information when preparing a mailing of unaddressed Periodicals flats, Standard Mail flats and merchandise samples, and Bound Printed Matter.
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Abbreviation for the Dallas Mavericks
Keywords:  cowboys, team
The Team ID for the Dallas Cowboys.
Keywords:  ebion, meek, poor, below, above
(pl. Dallim), "the Poor" or "the Meek", related to "'Ani" above and "Ebion" below.
Defect Action Level. Tolerance established by FDA for natural or unavoidable defects in a food produced under good manufacturing practice. The DALs are limits established by FDA for regulatory purposes.
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Document Alert List
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a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 10 liters
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'From the,' 'by the.'