Definitions for "Daisy Chain"
Keywords:  scsi, brent, chain, topology, bus
A cable assembly with three or more termination areas.
In computer terminology, this refers to connecting one device (historically SCSI, but now USB or FireWire as well) to another device, instead of directly...
a wiring plan in which each device may be connected through other devices to the controller.
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A sling sewn (or tied) with numerous loops, used as an adjustable sling in aid climbing.
sling with a series of loops that can be used to easily adjust its length. Often used in aid climbing
Runner with multiple loops for use as an adjustable anchor. Often used by aid climbers.
Artificial volume created by market manipulators that gives the appearance of activity in shares so as to lure genuine investors.
A series of purchases and sales of the same issue at successively higher (or lower) prices, by the same group of people. Its purpose is to manipulate prices and draw unsuspecting investors into the market, leaving them defrauded of their money or securities.
Manipulation of the market by traders to create the illusion of active volume to attract investors. Source
Claymore mines wired together with det cord to effect simultaneous detonation
Sexual activities in which several people are stimulating each other's genitals simultaneously.
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a dog's leash
Stringing components so that all data moves in serial form.