Definitions for "Daimon"
(1) A guardian spirit or guardian angel often associated with the communication of advice and inspiration. (2) The inspiring or indwelling spirit of a place or thing. (3) An entity or intelligence of a particular force. (4) A minor deity, such as a deified hero. (5) An artificial elemental created by a person or group for a specific purpose or force
An intermediatory between man and a God often in the form of a spirit. Sokrates believed a daimon acted as a guardian and counselor during his career. Daimones (pl.) can be either or neither benevolent or malevolent.
daimon No English equivalent, but is close to spirit in the sense of pneuma, breath, or the Chinese concept of ch'i, sometimes translated as "vital breath"
See Daemon
A process that runs in the background, handling commands delivered for remote command execution. Typical daemons are the mailer daemon and the printer daemon.