Definitions for "Dada"
A movement in art and literature founded in Switzerland in the early 20th century that ridiculed contemporary culture and conventional art with an antimilitaristic and anti-aesthetic attitude influenced by the horrors of World War I. It extolled the irrational, the absurd, the nihilistic and the nonsensical. Example-the reproduction of Mona Lisa adorned with a moustache. The movement is regarded as the precursor of Surrealism. In addition, some critics regard Happenings, a movement incorporating environment and spectators as active and important ingredients in the production of random events, as a recent development of Dada. Examples-Duchamp, Man Ray, Hoch, Miro and Picasso.
Fr.- "hobbyhorse"] - Meaningless name given to an anti-art movement. In Zurich in 1916, First World War refugees used nonsense text, performances and abstract art to criticize the pretense of freedom, democracy and the power of reason of the Western Civilization that produced the devastation of war.
A provocative and playful European art movement following World War I - characterized by seemingly random, unstructured, and "anti-aesthetic" creativity - that was briefly but deeply influential in poetry, painting, and theatre.
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California (U.S.A.). The band is made up of Michael Gurley (Guitar/Co-Lead Vocals), Joie Calio (Bass/Co-Lead Vocals) and Phil Leavitt (Drums).
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Paternal grandfather.
Dada ( Dada) is a monster appearing in several of the Ultraman series. These creatures travelled to Earth extra-dimensionally, after intercepting a transmission from Earth. The Dada have large barrel-shaped heavily-armored heads, black except for their white grinning faces freckled with black spots, and bodies that are striped in black and white.
Co-founder and vocalist of Velvet eden, known for his rich, deep voice and his heavy gothic image. Currently withdrawn from the music scene, Dada designs and models for his ID-Japan affiliated fashion brand, Arachnophobia.
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an informal term for a father; probably derived from baby talk