Definitions for "Cytotoxic"
Cell killing.
A drug or toxin that causes cell death or cell suicide (apoptosis).
An agent or process that is toxic to cells (i.e., it causes suppression of function or cell death).
Metastasis Surgical Misoprostol Symptomatic
Surgical Leptospirosis Systemic
Metaplasia Symptomatic Metastasis Systemic
Myocarditis Myopathy Tacrolimus
Tracheostomy Neurology Transgenes
Lipodystrophy Stomach Stomatitis
Drugs (medicine) that contain cytotoxins, a chemotactic factor that directly attracts leucocytes.
Cytotoxic medicine is used to treat cancer.
Neoplasms Neural Vaccination
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Pertaining to, resulting from, or having the action of a cytotoxin.