Definitions for "cytoskeleton"
An arrangement of microtubules, microfilaments, and larger filaments within a cell serving to provide structural support of components of the cell, and to transport components from one part of the cell to another; the filaments are composed of protein and form a latticelike arrangement which may change rapidly with time.
parts of the cell that give it structure and hold things together - typically proteins
the network of structural proteins inside a cell. It gives the cell its shape, flexibility and motility.
Morphogenesis Thioredoxin
Microorganism Spondylitis Minocycline Sputum
Metolazone Tyrosine Molecular
Naloxone Uricosuric Nasal Urinary
Microscopy Syphilis Mononucleosis Systemic
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Myeloma Ulcer
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see cytoskeleton.