Definitions for "Cypress"
A coniferous tree of the genus Cupressus. The species are mostly evergreen, and have wood remarkable for its durability.
Fresh, herbaceous, slightly woody evergreen aroma. Calming and soothing. Found in our Victorie Aroma Candle.
wood of any of various cypress trees especially of the genus Cupressus
Major January Corvette show in Cypress Gardens, Florida; moved to Disney World in 1999.
Major January Corvette show in Cypress Gardens, Florida. D E F
Dana Point | Diamond Bar | Dove Canyon | Fountain Valley | Fullerton | Garden Grove | Hemet
Refreshes, restores and tones. An astringent oil useful for oily and blemished skin. Massage on abdomen during menstruation and where there is cellulite. Good menopausal oil. Natural deodorant.
An uplifting oil and antiseptic. The scent is smoky sweet and blends well with lavender, cedarwood, clary sage, lemon, juniper and orange.
is an essential oil traditionally distilled in Provence and which liberates the amber and balsam. Cypress is widely used in oriental, chypre and woody accords.
A native to America, light-brown wood, adapted to all types of finishes. It is generally free from warping and twisting but is considered too weak for structural timber or flooring. In the Tudor Period it was used for storage chests. "Pecky Cypress" is popular today for paneling and wall finishes.
A strong durable timber used in joinery; it has a fine, durable grain and is of a yellowish colour with reddish markings.
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