Definitions for "Cylinders"
These are the large rather round parts with the deep cooling fins on the outside. The I.D. bore is where the piston assemblies ride.
Cylinder machines are generally smaller and lighter than uprights. They make cleaning upholstery and awkward areas e.g. stairs, around furniture and inside cars easier. They are also ideal for use on hard floors.
Not actual engine components, but a mechanical sub-system of an engine compromising the piston and the cylindrical hole it moves in. Generally, the more cylinders an engine has the more power it develops and the more fuel it uses, but that's also dependent on the state of tuning, and the capacity of each cylinder.
Hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, gas cylinder & air cylinder manufacturers.
A portion of a lock where the key is inserted to lock or unlock the set. There are several different kinds common to different hardware sets. [Category: Lock Mechanisms Terminology
Most of the rotating parts of the printing press are known as rollers the exceptions being those carrying the printing plates and those supporting the substrate during impression, these are known as cylinders.