Definitions for "Cylinder"
A solid body which may be generated by the rotation of a parallelogram round one its sides; or a body of rollerlike form, of which the longitudinal section is oblong, and the cross section is circular.
The chamber of a steam engine in which the piston is moved by the force of steam.
The barrel of an air or other pump.
The revolving platen or bed which produces the impression or carries the type in a cylinder press.
The revolving square prism carrying the cards in a Jacquard loom.
A three dimensional shape shaped like a trash can.
On a hard disk, a cylinder is all the tracks on all the disk platters that lie in the same relative position.
Two or more tracks which lie on the same location on a disk.
The same track from each platter of a disk. See also platter.
Printing blocks are placed on a cylinder and each turn of the cylinder prints one image. The circumference of the cylinder dictates the bag width or height.
number Letters/numerals in sheet margins identifying printing cylinders. Normally collected in 'Cylinder block' of six stamps. (See also Plate number).
In flexography, for no particular reason, most rollers in the printing presses are called rolls with the exception of that upon which the rubber plates are mounted, and the one which receives the impression, and these are usually referred to as cylinders, e.g.: plate cylinders or impression cylinder.
The outermost lining of a hydraulic ram.
a device that converts fluid power into linear mechanical force and motion.
Also referred to as a "linear motor," it is a device that converts pneumatic power into linear (in a line) or reciprocating (back-and-forth) motion.
a lens which has refractive power only in one meridian but not at right angle to it
meridian in ophthalmology, a line that is the symmetrical center of a curved optical surface. Also a measure of astigmatism.
The amount of lens power necessary to compensate for astigmatism
a cylindrical container for oxygen or compressed air
a tall narrow container with a volume scale used especially for measuring liquids
A propane gas (LPG) container. The ones used in hot air balloons are crude, lightweight versions measuring approx. 90cm high, approx. 30cm in diameter, with a gross weight of approximately 32kg. One cylinder can be filled with 19.5kg of Liquid Propane D d
term indiscriminately applied to various kinds of rolls or drums on papermachines. More particularly the steam heated cylinders for drying paper.
The portion of your paramotor that gets hot. (Also avoid touching the exhaust) Paramotors are typically two stroke air cooled engines. They can develop in excess of 25 horse power.
See Barrel. Degassing – Evacuation of air, steam or volatile compound through an orifice located in the barrel. The degassing can be forced by using a vacuum pump.
Any hollow body of cylindrical form
A cylinder can be described as a hollow rod-shaped structure. As we apply it to botanical structures, such as the vascular cambium, it is a thin band of meristem tissue that circles the entire stem and extends up and down the stem like a cylinder. In Anthoceros, a cylinder of sporogenous tissue is formed lengthwise in the sporophyte.
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A cylinder vacuum cleaner sits horizontally to the floor and is pulled around by means of a hose and wand handle. Cylinder vacuum cleaners are generally smaller and lighter than upright vacuum cleaners that the user pushes around the room.
Cylinder cleaners consist of a compact unit on wheels with a suction hose attached.
The space inclosed by any cylindrical surface. The space may be limited or unlimited in length.
a solid bounded by a cylindrical surface and two parallel planes (the bases)
a surface generated by rotating a parallel line around a fixed line
Another name for either a 'fence' or 'collar'.
The instance when the purchase of a currency, interest rate or other price call or put option and the sale of a corresponding put or call option, both at different strike prices, occur contemporaneously. Also termed collar.
A type of papermaking machine. Wire covered cylinders are rotated through a vat of pulp, and paper is formed as the water drains from the cylinder. Cylinder machines are mostly used for manufacturing paperboard. Multicylinder machines are capable or producing multi-layered paperboard (one layer for each cylinder). see also paperboard, papermaking.
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cone with equal radii throughout. ( Language Reference)#declare: a POV-Ray directive which allows you to assign a name to an object, texture, or just about anything else that can exist. You can also declare constant vectors and floats. Once you have this name, you can easily create multiple copies of the object with only a minimum of extra typing. ( Tutorial) ( Language Reference)
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a pretty good shape to move through the air because it develops a nice laminar air flow that reduces drag
a shape that has ellipses for its top and bottom faces
a shape that looks like a column
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a type of polyhedron
A highly precision-oriented engraved production roll for use in extruding lenticular lens sheet material.
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Scuba tank or bottle.
Another name for a Hot Water Tank.
the imaginary area directly above the basket where goaltending or basket interference can occur.
Co2 is stored in small metal cylinders attached to the firing mechanism of the life jacket. These are available in a range of sizes, depending of the volume of the lifejacket..
A part of an inflatable penile implant. They are filled with fluid to give an erection. The cylinders are implanted in the penis.
The section of the crankcase where combustion takes place
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a very rigid structure when it is capped
One of the steps in the production of antique glass sheets
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a figure with a long round body
a space figure with two faces, no vertices
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the group of sectors that can be accessed by all the read/write heads without having to move.
measurement of how much correction is needed