Definitions for "Cyclophosphamide"
An anticancer drug that belongs to the group of alkylating agents
Anti-cancer drug, intravenous or oral. Has immune suppressing effects. Under investigation for the treatment of HIV.
Chemotherapy drug frequently used in preparative regimen ( Cytoxan®)
Metastatic Testis Thermoregulation
Metastatic Testosterone
Malignant Synaptic
Mediator Steroid Membrane Synaptic
Malignant Stenosis
Milligram Spectrum Millimeter Spleen
Lithium Systemic
Lithium Spectrum
Keywords:  thoracentesis, mucositis
Mucositis Thoracentesis
Keywords:  methotrexate, tinnitus
Methotrexate Tinnitus
Keywords:  myelogenous, synovial
Myelogenous Synovial
Keywords:  microscopy
Keywords:  meningitis, thoracic
Meningitis Thoracic
Mucocutaneous Transplantation
Molecular Thrombocytopenia
Keywords:  mitomycin, stomach
Mitomycin Stomach
Keywords:  refractory, lymphoma
Lymphoma Refractory
Keywords:  myasthenia, systemic
Myasthenia Systemic
Keywords:  testicular, nausea
Nausea Testicular
Keywords:  cytoxin, equivalent, generic
Generic equivalent of cytoxin
Keywords:  skull, molecule
Molecule Skull