Definitions for "Cycling "
The act, art, or practice, of riding a cycle, esp. a bicycle or tricycle.
the sport of traveling on a bicycle or motorcycle
a member organization of the United States Olympic Committee and the Union Cycliste Internationale
in nutrients, "cycling" refers to the pathway that an element or nutrient takes through an ecosystem, from assimilation by organisms to release by decomposition. Dalton formation: See formation.
Term used to describe strategies for boosting nutrient levels without adversely effecting the body's ability to synthesize key substances. For example, a bodybuilder might supplement with an amino acid at high intake levels for a few days (the "loading" phase), then take a lower dose for a longer period of time ("maintenance" phase), then stop taking the specific supplement altogether for a period of time ("cycling") to restore the body's ability to produce the amino acid naturally.
The suck and release pattern created by a breast pump to simulate what a nursing baby does.
Infers that nonpregnant females have active estrous cycles.
establishing a population of beneficial nitrifying bacteria in an aquarium's biological filtration system.
Discharge lamps may sometimes cycle on and off towards the end of their life. It is an undesirable situation which may damage control gear, and most lamp and gear circuits protect against it. It may be due to incorrect lamps, improper voltage being supplied, or high ambient temperature around the luminaire.
The repeated charge/discharge cycle of a storage battery. some batteries are rated as to their ability to withstand repeated, deep discharge cycles.
Turning on and off; for energy conservation, done at predetermined intervals, or when the power usage is high.
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See Nitrogen Cycle.
Cycling helps you in managing your training. It can display a list of your training sessions, let you define a list of circuits, and manage cyclist information such as weight, height, heart rate, etc.
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a sign of greater things to come
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