Definitions for "CWT"
An abbreviation for hundredweight (100 lb).
The abbreviation for hundredweight, which is the equivalent of 100 pounds.
a United States unit of weight equivalent to 100 pounds
Coded Wire Tag. Small thin wire pins about 2 mm long placed in the nose of hatchery raised Chinook juveniles. Each tag provides reference to where the Chinook was raised, the year it was released, how it was grown and other biological information.
coded wire tag. microscopic piece of metal implanted in nose of salmon or steelhead with code indicating origin of fish (all coded wire tagged salmon must have an adipose fin clip).
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Cheshire Wildlife Trust
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Cleared while testing / came clear while testing. Basically, they saw a problem, but before they could narrow anything down, it went away.
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Civil War Token
Cold water temperature. Temperature of the water entering the cold water basin before addition of make-up.
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Compensated Work Therapy
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Character Width Table
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Communications Web Team