Definitions for "CWI"
CICS Web Interface. A term used to identify CICS support of the Internet prior to CICS TS for OS/390 1.3 when the designation was changed to CWS for CICS Web Support. CWI enables web browser access directly to a CICS region and its applications.
CICS Web Interface. CWS (formerly known as CWI) is a collection of CICS resources supporting direct access to CICS transaction processing from web browsers.
Craft Works Interface. Graphic User Interface (GUI) used to configure and operates a Cisco CRS-1 Series routing system. The CWI client runs in a web browser.
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Constant Wattage Isolated. Same as CWA but the coils are isolated from each other.
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Christian Witness to Israel
Council on Workforce Investment
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Cricket World International
Calibration Work Instruction
Certified Weld Inspector DOT Department of Transportation