Definitions for "Cuttings"
Keywords:  mud, drill, geologist, auger, spoil
Small fragments of formation rock brought to the surface by the flow of drilling mud during the drilling of a well.
Particles of formation obtained from a well during drilling operations.
Chips and small fragments of rock produced by drilling that are circulated up from the drill bit to the surface by drilling mud.
Sometimes the easiest (and fastest) way to grow a new plant is not from seed, but asexually from cuttings. Cuttings are taken from roots, stems, or leaves and encouraged to regenerate by providing ideal growing conditions and (oftentimes) applying rooting hormones. Unlike plants started from seed, a plant grown from a cutting will have exactly the same characteristics of the parent plant.
Detached parts of stem plants: they take root after planting and become new plants.
vegetative propagation of plants (through means other than sexual fertilization); plant material used for vegetative propagation may be leaves, buds, stem sections or roots; new plants are genetically similar to the parent plant
Small scraps of fabric knit or wovens, generally a by‑product of the apparel manufacturing process.
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