Definitions for "Cuts"
Clip the hair around the wound and wash the wound and surrounding area with an antibacterial cleanser. If bleeding is profuse, apply pressure with a clean handkerchief over the wound.
Severed skin. Washing a cut or scrape with soap and water and keeping it clean and dry is all that is required to care for most wounds. Putting alcohol hydrogen peroxide, and iodine into a wound can delay healing and should be avoided. Seek medical care early if you think that you might need stitches. Any delay can increase the rate of wound infection. Any puncture wound through tennis shoes has a high risk of infection and should be seen by your healthcare professional. Any redness, swelling, increased pain, or pus draining from the wound may indicate an infection that requires professional care.
Illustrations printed in the text pages, and as distinguished from plates, which are full page illustrations printed separately from the text.
Referring to small illustrations incororporated into the text (as opposed to plates).
(1) Illustrations printed with the text, as opposed to plates, which are printed separately. (2) Excisions made in the text to satisfy lawyers, etc.
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"V" shaped notches cut out from the top of the blade for the purpose of raising the pins up to the shear line.
The notches cut in the key to make it fit a lock.
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Cuts is an L.A. Guns EP.
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Cuts is the greatest hits by New Zealand band, Toy Love released in 2005.
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The number of rolls slit from a master roll.
Qualifying times for specific types of championship meets.
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The term used for the total number and size of the cut lengths.