Definitions for "Cut-off"
That which cuts off or shortens, as a nearer passage or road.
The valve gearing or mechanism by which steam is cut off from entering the cylinder of a steam engine after a definite point in a stroke, so as to allow the remainder of the stroke to be made by the expansive force of the steam already let in. See Expansion gear, under Expansion.
A term used in webpress printing to describe the point at which a sheet of paper is cut from the roll; usually this dimension is equal to the circumference of the cylinder.
The seat directly to the right of the button.
The player who acts right before the button or dealer.
the seat just to the right of the button is called the cut-off. This is the second-to-last position in hold'em.
The estimated lowest grade of ore that can be mined and treated profitably.
The cut-off grade is the arbitrarily defined lowest grade which will be mined from an ore deposit, and usually defines the boundary of the ore zone. For example, if the average grade of a porphyry deposit is 0.5% Cu, the cut-off might be 0.2% Cu. Any rock with a grade below 0.2% Cu would be waste. In terms of value, the cut-off is usually equivalent to the mining cost, or the lowest grade of rock which can be mined at a profit.
The grade above which the commodity could be considered ore in a particular deposit;
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A fabricated structure or a grout curtain placed to intercept seepage flow beneath a dam.
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an at-poverty level subsistence
a practicable, possible and logical next step in the process of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation
The termination provision of a reinsurance contract stipulating that the REINSURER shall not be liable for losses as a result of occurrences taking place after the date of termination. Also CLEAN-CUT.
An event or date when the records become inactive and when the retention period begins. This may be an event such as the termination of a contract, or a date such as the beginning of a new fiscal, academic, or calendar year.
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Any device for stopping or changing a current, as of grain or water in a spout.
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a surface feature designed to divert water from the surface of a path or route
This is the wavelength of transition from transmission to reflection. Often given as 50% of peak transmission, but can also be given a 5% or 10% peak transmission.
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Process by which strips of material or finished parts are cut from a coil or strip of raw material.
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A process of cutting a piece of stock into usable parts.
A detail designed to seal and prevent lateral water movement in an insulation system, and used to separate different sections of a roofing system.