Definitions for "CUT PILE"
Keywords:  saxony, velvet, plush, carpet, loop
After the yarn is pushed through the canvas in the hooking technique, the loops formed by the yarn are but to leave an open pile. DHURRIE Called a flatwoven rug, dhurries are usually made of cotton or wool in India using the warp-sharing, kelim method. HOOKED RUG - Yarns are pushed through the back of a canvas cloth and pulled back through to form a design.
A carpet composed of cut ends of pile yarn, as opposed to loop pile.
Cut-pile is a smooth finish created by cutting off the tops of the wool loops. The cut loops are then twisted to make tufts of yarn that stand erect, creating a soft even surface. Also known as 'velour' or 'velvet' pile.
Keywords:  luxury, edge, feel, style, good
This style gives a luxury feel, with good edge cover