Definitions for "customs"
Keywords:  duty, export, tariff, forbidden, levied
Federal agency responsible for monitoring imported goods and collecting duties.
money collected under a tariff; a duty imposed on imported goods.
the government department administering the collection of import tariffs. Used with as singular verb.
particular ways of behaving, within a group, that have been established by social habits (traditional or contemporary)
modes of behaviour that comprise culturally approved or acceptable ways of behaving in a specific situation
the long established habits or behaviour of a society
practices followed as a matter of course among a people.
A place, where many needless people are present. The custom officers lose your time, money and nerves. I'm afraid, if you want come through the frontier, you have to stand several queues there and fill in a number of senseless forms and let to mark them with many rubber-stamps.
that area within an airport, sea port, or other border station where freight or the baggage of travellers is checked for dutiable materials or contraband; as, it took an hour to get through customs.
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Australian Customs Service
The way a group of people do things.
Established ways of thinking and acting.
denoted by its capital "C", this terms refers to the U.S. Customs Service.