Definitions for "custodian"
An institution or person responsible for making all investment, management and distribution decisions in an account maintained in the best interest of another. Mutual funds and contractual plan companies have custodians responsible for safeguarding certificates and performing clerical duties. See also Mutual Fund Custodian; Plan Custodian.
a financial institution that has legal responsibility and holds customer’s securities -- entity that is the legal owner who holds the assets for the beneficial owner.
A custodian holds securities on behalf of an institutional investors. This can reduce administrative expenses and can help safeguard assets.... more on: Custodian
(1) One who is entrusted with the care and keepin gof real or personal property. (See also Custody). (2) a janitor.
A staff member who performs plant housekeeping and servicing activities consisting of the cleaning; operation of the heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems; and the servicing of building equipment.
In Crime insurance, a custodian is the insured or is a regular employee or partner of the insured who has care or control of property within the premises. Does not include watchman, porter or janitor.
One who has care or custody, as of some public building; a keeper or superintendent.
A person looking after the child - this person can be an aunt, uncle, grandparent, legal guardian or any other person.
A person named to manage property left to a child by will or trust.
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a recognized contact point for the distribution, transfer and sharing of the information and has responsibilities regarding the maintenance and quality of the information
A service or agency technical office of primary responsibility for a specific product, technology, process, practice, or procedure. Works with Preparing Activities, Adopting Activities, Military Coordinating Activities, and international military standardization activities to integrate and harmonize service or agency needs. Participates in government, nongovernment and international military standardization organizations and efforts. (AFI 60-101, Service technical OPR) The activity responsible for resolving and consolidating coordination comments for standardization documents or studies in its Department or Agency, and submitting those comments to the Preparing Activity. (DoD Manual 4120.3-M) The nation, Service, command, or other agency responsible for maintaining an existing international military standardization agreement or publication, or for conducting studies, organizing projects, and developing proposals for standardization. (AFMAN 63-901, IMS document management activity)
An organisation accepting accountability and responsibility for certain information sets
Entitlement to the supervision, guardianship, or custodianship of an individuals...
includes a trustee or depositary but not a sub custodian.
A person appointed to manage and dispense funds for a child without constricting court supervision and accounting requirements.
The agency accountable for negotiating and ensuring the care and maintenance of a clearly defined portion of natural resources information within the public sector.
Anyone, other than the committee chairman and treasurer, such as an accountant or an accounting firm, having access to committee books and accounts.
The adult who has control over a custodial account.
one having charge of buildings or grounds or animals
One who performs cleaning or other ordinary routine maintenance duties in or about a small government building or a building under Federal control, park, monument, or other Federal reservation; or acts as a foreman of laborers engaged in cleaning or janitorial duties in a large government building under Federal control; or fires a heating plant in a Federal building as a part of his/her duties in connection with the cleaning and ordinary maintenance of the building.
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SimpleString The custodian of record.
a person in charge of something
a person that cleans and maintains large buildings
custodian is a person that guards, protects, or maintains something.
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a branch director
a general term to describe anyone who has the charge or custody of property, papers, etc.