Definitions for "Curing"
Preserving (meat or fruit) by salting and drying.
The maintenance of proper conditions of moisture and temperature during initial set to develop required strength in concrete and mortar.
The process of drying newly harvested tobaccos.
Also known as maturing or ageing - the stage in the cheesemaking process when a cheese is left to ripen.
The final holding stage of composting, after much of the readily metabolized material has been decomposed, which provides additional biological stabilization. Damping off disease - The wilting and early death of young seedlings caused by a variety of pathogens.
The stage in cheesemaking when the cheese is left to ripen and lose some of its moisture. Also known as affinage or aging.
The act of vulcanization; a description of a definite time and temperature of vulcanization.
The degree of vulcanization of the rubber; also known as Heat Aged Curing
A treatment that promotes the loss of a resident prophage or plasmid from a cell. For example, acridine orange is sometimes used to cure bacteria of a plasmid.
Treating only the disease as defined by the clinician.
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The act of applying heat to a material in order to produce a bond.
The last step in floor malting, when the grain is heated to fully develop flavor and color.
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Period following the grinding and mixing of raw clay with water.
p. a. & vb. n. of Cure.