Definitions for "Cupping"
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professional coffee bean tasters use this process to determine quality, acidity and aroma of beans in the choice of their blends. It involves steeping the beans as with tea leaves and then smelling and tasting the brew at different temperatures as it cools.
A term used by coffee professionals to describe the activity of sipping brewed coffees to assess their qualities.
A process used by professionals to sample and evaluate coffees. Similar to a wine tasting. Every coffee that is considered for purchase must be carefully cupped. The cupping process first involves detection of any defects or inconsistencies that might appear from cup to cup; one bad bean can destroy even a pot of coffee. Specialty coffee cupping then proceeds to explore for positive traits. Coffees that are chosen for quality purchase must be outstanding in clean cup (no defects, taints or muddiness), sweetness, refined acidity, smooth body, distinct pleasant flavor, elegant aftertaste and good balance. All coffees must be measured for correct moisture content before purchase as is done by Terroir(tm). This is critical since wetter, unstable coffee deteriorate rapidly.
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A warp across the board in wood plank siding.
Isolated areas of paint with upward curving edges, forming saucer shapes, which can draw a weak support with them. Caused by a slight shrinkage of the support or by chemical contraction of the upper layer of the paint which prevents the cracked paint from lying flat.
the curvature that occurs in the cross section of a piece of timber ie in the end of a board.
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A process originating in traditional Chinese healing, but is used as sensation play and for temporary marking. After creating a heat differential between the inside and outside of a glass "cup," the skin is sucked up into the cup creating temporary circular mounds on the skin.
Glass, plastic, or bamboo cups are placed on the skin using suction to promote the flow of Qi and Blood, relieve pain, relax the muscles, and treat colds and flu.
the use of warmed glass jars to create suction on certain points of the body.
The operation of drawing blood to or from the surface of the person by forming a partial vacuum over the spot. Also, sometimes, a similar operation for drawing pus from an abscess.
a medical term indicating the practice of drawing blood through a glass or ceramic cup applied to scarified skin using a vacuum
a treatment in which evacuated cups are applied to the skin to draw blood through the surface
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The act of applying a heated cup to bring blood to the skin to act as a counterirritant (dry), or to bleed (wet).
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Illegally closing your hand around the puck.
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A press forming operation in which a cup shaped part is produced from sheet metal. Cupping is often the first operation in the production of a complex deep drawn part.
A slightly U-shaped deformation of the tape (at right angles to the length).
An ancient oriental treatment where cups are placed on various points on the body to improve circulation and boost the body's energy.
A form of valve damage in which excessive heat causes the head of the valve to become cupped because it cannot withstand the normal forces created when it seats.
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An abnormal process that occurs within the optic nerve, often in association with high pressure. Cupping is associated with loss of nerve tissue in the optic nerve, leading to visual field loss.
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