Definitions for "Cupola"
Keywords:  dome, turret, lantern, caboose, lookout
A roof having a rounded form, hemispherical or nearly so; also, a ceiling having the same form. When on a large scale it is usually called dome.
A small structure standing on the top of a dome; a lantern.
A revolving shot-proof turret for heavy ordnance.
A furnace for melting iron or other metals in large quantity, -- used chiefly in foundries and steel works.
A vertically cylindrical furnace from melting metal, in direct contact with coke as fuel, by forcing air under pressure through openings near its base.
a cylindrical shaft type of blast furnace used for remelting metals, usually iron, before casting
The Cupola is an ESA-built observatory module of the International Space Station (ISS). Once installed, it will provide astronauts with a direct view of robotic operations and docked spacecraft, as well as a spectacular observation point for watching Earth.
jelly-like covering of the sensory hairs in the ampullae of the semicircular canals. This responds to movement in the surrounding fluid and assists in maintaining balance.