Definitions for "Cumin"
A dwarf umbelliferous plant, somewhat resembling fennel (Cuminum Cyminum), cultivated for its seeds, which have a bitterish, warm taste, with an aromatic flavor, and are used like those of anise and caraway.
An Indian spice with an earthy flavor, also known as comino. It usually appears in its ground form and as cumin seed. Cumin is featured in Middle Eastern (lentil and lamb dishes) and Latin American cuisines (chili, tamales).
Jinten Ground seeds of the Cumin plant used as flavouring in marinades and sauces.
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Kammoon Cardamom Hale
As A Treatment"...The most common medicinal use for cumin seems to be as a carminative, antispasmodic, and stomachic..."
For those suffering from mental or physical exhaustion. Could stimulate the metabolism of those who are obese and/or have excessive fluid.
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