Definitions for "Cultural diversity"
The differences that exist in an area or region due to the heterogeneity and varying backgrounds of the members of that region.
Pertains to differences such as race, ethnicity, age, language, gender, class, sexual preference, nationality, or religion among various groups within a community, organization, or nation. A city is said to be culturally diverse if its residents include members of different groups.
Culturally diverse presentation refers to the ability of the presenter to focus on equality of opportunity for visible minority artists. The definition of visible minority artists includes, but is not limited to, those of Asian, African, Latin American, Arab, and mixed heritage.
variety or multiformity of human social structures, belief systems, and strategies for adapting to situations in different parts of the world.
The mosaic of individuals and groups with varying backgrounds, experiences, styles, perceptions, values and beliefs.
exposing students to the beliefs, backgrounds and foundations of individual cultures (I E)
Developing organizational processes that are inclusionary rather than exclusionary for cultural conformity.
This refers to the existence of several cultures among a group of people.
Learned by paying attention to sensory cues, and constrained by the historical and ecological conditions that exist for the social group.
Acceptance and promotion of differing cultures on the University campus.
The great range of countries from which people come, each having different customs and cultures.