Definitions for "Culling"
Anything separated or selected from a mass.
the process that determines which animals in a herd will not be bred.
The process of eliminating undesirable animals.
Consists of eliminating from a scene all the polygons whose normal point is in the direction opposite to the point-of-view vector. This is done just before starting the rendering process.
The act of removing polygons that aren't visible on the screen.
Remove polygons from further processing in the rendering pipeline because they are not visible
tr. v. Avoiding the display of a section of a display list if its representation on the display is smaller than some user-defined threshold.
Culling involves the destruction of birds - both wild and domestic - that have been exposed to or infected by the avian flu virus. Culling operations generally involve the euthanasia of affected birds, carcass disposal to avoid further contamination or infection, and cleaning and disinfection of areas affected by avian influenza.
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Culling Dairy Goats
To pick out of a stream or batch of items of mail. Generally applies to those items pulled out for separate handling. For example, items are culled from a face-up table because they cannot be machine cancelled. (tri éliminatoire)
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Sorting masonry units per size, color, and/or quality.
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The act of one who culls.