Definitions for "Cull"
Keywords:  flock, herd, breeding, inferior, cows
The term for disposing of breeding anaimls which are unsuitable to use for further breeding.
To eliminate one or more animals from the breeding herd or flock.
An inferior bird (one who is deformed or does not measure up to its standard). The act of removing inferior birds from the flock.
To separate, select, or pick out; to choose and gather or collect; as, to cull flowers.
Building material rejected as below standard grade.
A tree or log of merchantable size that has no timber value because of shape, disease or insect damage, or injury.
Keywords:  lobster, claws, missing, sold, lower
A lobster missing one or both claws.
a lobster with one or no claws. Normally sold at a lower price
Keywords:  worn, coin, slick, worthless, barely
A coin that has been greatly damaged, excessively worn, or has deep corrosion. Not desirable as a collector coin.
A coin that is extremely worn and/or damaged
a below grade coin compared to other coins in a roll, tube, or group. Sometimes used to mean a very slick, worn, or defective coin. "Cull it out" - means to remove it from others because of its defects or low grade.
To hide from the rendered, or in other words, to have the rendered not draw something. Decolayer - A layer in the terrain that can be used to generate a set random pattern of staticmeshes that will fade in and out over distance as well as remain attached to the terrain and have their scale and orientation randomly skewed per instance of the staticmesh. For more on Decolayers see the CreatingDecoLayers document.
Keywords:  gull, dupe, see
A cully; a dupe; a gull. See Cully.
To secure certain cards at the top or bottom in the act of mixing the cards with the overhand shuffle.
To arrange or cluster good cards together for cheating.
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an enormous mistake
Material remaining in a transfer chamber after mould has been filled. Charge is generally regulated to control thickness of cull.