Definitions for "CT scan"
A type of X-ray of the head or body; usually done in a hospital's x-ray department.
Computerized X-ray procedure that produces cross-sectional images of the body. Also called computed axial tomography (CAT) scan.
Computed Tomography of the brain
an excellent imaging modality for identifying all calculi (including uric acid stones), except for the rare indinavir (Crixivan) crystal concretions that form in the ureters of HIV-positive patients taking this protease inhibitor
an excellent method for evaluating the size and extent of invasion of an abscess
an excellent tool for evaluating fractures and degenerative changes of the spine (such as from arthritis)
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Lasix Sepsis
a wonderful tool that allows doctors to spot problems and confirm suspicions and proceed toward the treatment and cure of potentially fatal conditions
a commonly performed and safe procedure
a low-risk, noninvasive procedure
a low risk non-invasive procedure
a technique for examining intracranial (within the head) structures
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a test I took also
a better way of detecting liver cancer and is crucial for planning for treatment
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a good way to find a tumor, to see what size it is, and to see whether or not it has spread to nearby lymph nodes or other tissues
a specialised type
a special kind of camera that uses a frequency of light invisible to the human eye to take pictures of your insides from the outside
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a method that