Definitions for "CSW"
Certificate in Social Work
Communication support worker. CSWs support deaf people in different ways to help them to access information and communicate with hearing people. They can do this in a range of ways, for example by taking notes, lipspeaking or using British Sign Language (BSL) or Sign Supported English. CSWs are not usually qualified BSL/English interpreters, though more are now training at this level.
Commercial sex worker. A male or female who engages in sexual activity in exchange for goods or money.
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Court Community Service Work
Completed Staff Work, the term for Hubbard's policy on how to present a proposal for approval by a senior.
Cyber Safety Week. Work with your local PTA to assist students as they recruit Mentors, hold a poster contest or a Speak Out, set up an information table, make a drop box for Internet advice, or plan an i-Parent Night for their school or community.
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Commission on the Status of Women