Definitions for "CSM"
Chlorosulfonated polyethylene (usually designated Hypalon)
ASTM designation for chlorosulfonated polyethylene. See CSPE.
Chlorosulponated polyethylene rubber
Call Segment Model
Climate System Model.
Conceptual Site Model is built by user based on site specifications. site is reconstructed on screen by choosing icons to represent real or potential flow of contamination. Each icon on Conceptual Site screen represents a real entity. lines connecting icons on screen visually show path that constituent follows.
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Rank of Company Sergeant Major.
Command Sergeant Major
See Continuous Shuffling Machine.
Continuous Shuffle Machine. A machine that continuously shuffles the cards and acts as the shoe as well. Discards are put into the machine after every couple of hands. They will be shuffled back into the deck in various ways, depending on the machine. Many machines use a series of slots, often 9 or 19, and randomly insert the discards into the top or bottom of a slot. A random slot is added to the deck. There are many different types of CSM's and they do not all work the same. Do not confuse this with a Automatic Shuffle Machine. There is controversy as to the actual randomness of these machines.
Company Stage Manager
Cisco Service Management
Consumption and specification management. CSM is the assess-ment of internal demand for external goods and services to identify under-lying cost drivers, align purchases with business needs, and eliminate unnecessary consumption.
Centre de stockage de la Manche, a surface storage center for radioactive wastes, belonging to Andra
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Committee on Safety of Medicines (GBR)
Committee on the Safety of Medicines
(also C/S/M) Stands for Colt, Summit, Mirage. Typically intended to refer to the 3rd Generation C50/C60 platform.
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igarette moking an ( Cancer Man).
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Computer Science and Mathematics Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Where CCS is housed. See
Condom Social Marketing
Corporate Social Marketing. A powerful, if often misunderstood strategy that uses marketing principles and techniques to foster behavior change in a target population, improving society while at the same time building markets for products or services.
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corn soy milk
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Chopped strand mat
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Course Steering Mirror. Used for course phase tilt adjustments in the track and AO loops.
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Call switching module.
Command / Service Module. The designation for the combination of command module and service module, which is the normal configuration until just prior to re-entry.
Chip Security Module.
Certified Survey Map abbreviation.
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Combined Scientific Meeting
Computational Structural Mechanics