Definitions for "CSI"
Centro Sistemi Informativi
Centro Sportivo Italiano
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on online system provided by the DMERC where suppliers can check the status of claims that they have billed.
Common Services Inquiry. A system being developed and designed through the LAND Project to provide a service delivered through CS that allows users to run inquiries through, such as work status and account balances.
Claim Status Inquiry. A feature that allows suppliers to electronically check the status of production claims. This allows EMC suppliers to electronically access information displaying the receipt and payment status of their pending or assigned claims. There are two options for accessing Claim Status Inquiry: Direct Data Entry (DDE) or Batch Mode. Click here to go to Claim Status Inquiry technical support.
Computerized severity index
Critical Success Index (threat score)
Container Security Initiative Designed to help protect the United States and a large portion of the global trading system from terrorist who might use container transport to hide weapons of mass destruction and related materials without disrupting legitimate flow of cargo. There are 14 CSI ports that are operational:  Vancouver, Göteborg, Halifax, Rotterdam, Le Havre, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Antwerp, Singapore, Yokohama, Hong Kong, Felixstowe, Montreal and Halifax.   Requires bilateral agreements to be created with other governments to target and pre-screen high-risk containers in overseas seaports before they are shipped to the United States. Customs inspectors (pre-screeners) will also be stationed in CSI ports, to work with their overseas counterparts.
Christian Schools International PECLAC Professional Education and the Christian Liberal Arts College
Closure Systems International
Crime Scene Investigation
Consorzio Suonatori Indipendenti
oincidence ubsetted ntermediate products. The Satellite CSI products are those scans of data which correspond to the time when the sub-satellite point comes within a specified distance of indicated Ground Validation radar site or Experiment site. The GV CSI products consist of the single volume scan when the satellite is nearest or a gridded field associated with a VOS which is coincident with a satellite overpass.
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Construction Specification Institute
abb. Construction Specifiers Institute
Canadian Securities Institute. The national educational organization of the securities industry sponsored by the Investment Dealers Association of Canada, Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange and the Bourse de Montréal.
Center for Social Informatics. Renamed in honor of Rob Kling.
Center for the Study of Inequality
Corporate social investment
Cesium iodid usded for digital detector scintillator layer.
called subscriber information
Code Sequence Identification
Called Subscriber Identifier
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Class yge Commodity Systems Inc
Commodity System Inc
A high intensity discharge lamp, most often used in followspots, with a color temperature of approximately 4000K.
A type of discharge lamp.
Ministerial Committee on the Intelligence Services
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Companion, Order of the Star of India
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The CSI comics are tie-ins with , and TV shows.
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This is the telephone number of your fax machine.
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Current Student Inventory
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Chemical shift imaging.