Definitions for "Crystals"
Crystals have traditional meanings associated with them, which allow Psychics to answer quick questions as well as delve deeper into your past, present and future. Because of their connection to the earth’s energies, Crystals are an effective casting tool sometimes used by Psychics. Crystals are tossed on a flat surface and their positions are ‘read’. They are also used as a catalyst for channeling energy and information by looking into or simply touching the Crystals. Most Crystals have spiritual, mental and astrological meaning and healing effects. During a reading, Crystals can provide Psychics with information and insight that may help answer your questions about love, career and happiness. Click here to meet Psychic Source’s Crystal Readers.
Gemstones can be used for divination. Each crystal carries different significances and energies and thus may be used for healing, divination or to attract or repel different energies. Crystals are often used as magical charms or amulets. See also Scrying.
Substances that are found naturally in the earth and that have powerful electrical and magnetic qualities and can absorb and amplify light waves.
a uniform solid body of a chemical element, compound, or mixture having a characteristic set of planer surfaces or faces; some common crystals may be cubes, rectangular, or blade shaped.
When triglyceride molecules of a fat pass from the liquid state to a solid as a result of the decrease of temperature, they freeze and are found is three different forms. The forms of crystal exist only when the fat is found in the solid state. They can affect the physical properties or functions of the fat.
minerals that form slowly have a distinctive crystal shape
of Consciousness Created at the big bang through the coming together of the original yin and yang. Design Crystal . Personality Crystal free introduction brochure by mail
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Deafferentation pain
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For those who like a little exta detail. Genuine crystals.
Pairs of Crystals determine the FREQUENCY at which the radio gear communicates. Two radios cannot use the same frequency in the same area without interference - see FREQUENCY/BAND.
Filters Oscillators Attenuation: The maximum guaranteed reduction in power, ranging outside a specified frequency span. Spurious response attenuation is the minimum acceptable attenuation in the stop band, which allows for unwanted modes in the crystal.
In the Final Fantasy series of video games, elemental crystals are used as plot devices in several titles. Typically there are four crystals, each matching that of a classical element, but some titles feature more than four.
Crystals found accumulated on the bottom of the cork, or in the bottle, again - usually harmless.
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See acrylics.