Definitions for "Crypt"
A vault wholly or partly under ground; especially, a vault under a church, whether used for burial purposes or for a subterranean chapel or oratory.
an underground vault or chamber, especially one beneath a church that is used as a burial place
A vaulted underground room beneath a church which may be used either as a burial place or for storage
An anatomical depression or pit which is lined with stratified squamous epithelium.
Crypts are anatomical structures that are narrow but deep invaginations into a larger structure.
Dark-twin of the Net, characterized by intense K-Goth influence, A-Death inactivism, Cyberschiz tendencies, and Lemurian cultural affinities.
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a group of four to five students, arranged in a "magi square" within a Cemetery
cryptogram, one of the four major classes of puzzles appearing in The Enigma. There are usually seven crypts per issue, all on the back page.
A simple gland, glandular cavity, or tube; a follicle; as, the crypts of Lieberkühn, the simple tubular glands of the small intestines.
a small cavity.
A ultrafast lightweight encryption/decryption software using the CryptoAPI on Windows platform, to secure just about anything - regular files and directories, consoles, communication resources, Disk devices, pipes and sockets anythin
Unix utility command while crypt(3) is an unrelated standard library function. The (1) and (3) suffixes to these reflect a documentation convention among Unix writers, system administrators, programmers, and users which disambiguate some terms based on whether they are commands (documented in chapter (1) of the Unix man pages) or library functions (documented in chapter (3), traditionally).
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an irregular atrophy of the border layer
The deck of cards containing a player's vampires.
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a below-ground structure