Definitions for "Crt"
Cathode Ray Tube. Technology used by many monitors that scans an electron beam Across blobs of phosphor to create an image on your screen. The beam scans many times faster than your eye Can perceive creating a "still" image to you. However, you may be Able to notice a "flicker" out of the corner of your eye on some monitors Because the refresh rate, or times the beam moves across the monitor, is slow Enough to be perceived by the more sensitive photoreceptors at the edges of your Eye. A monitor should refresh faster than 72hz in order to have this flicker go Away.
Cathode Ray Tube, what is now called a computer monitor (see VDT).
athode- ay ube] The video monitor component of a terminal.
Cardiac Resychronization Therapy
a therapy where electrical pulses are delivered to the ventricles to coordinate the contraction of the heart chambers, thereby increasing efficiency of the heart.
Corneal Refractive Therapy. A process of reshaping the cornea using specially designed gas permeable contact lenses. The patient wears the lenses through the night to shape the cornea, then goes throughout the day without the need for a prescription. Go to Top
CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUST. The general term used to describe a separate trust arrangement between the donor and the trustee of the donor's choosing, the terms of which must conform to the 1969 Tax Reform Act that established this charitable vehicle. This trust may be either an annuity trust or unitrust (see separate definitions). This trust must have a charitable intent, is irrevocable and receives a partial income tax deduction in the year of the gift. It also produces income from the property transfer; and at the end of the trust, the remaining principal is distributed to the charity (thus the remainder defines what type of charitable trust). This trust allows the donor to choose their trustee, payout rate, term (number of years, life or lives, or combination of the two), investment strategy, frequency of payment and who is the ultimate charitable beneficiary.
Charitable Remainder Trust. The donation of property or money to a charity, whereby the donor reserves the right to use the property or to receive income from it for a specified time. When the agreed-upon period is over, the property belongs to the charitable organization. The donor in turn receives various tax deductions and tax advantages. The most common CRTs are the charitable remainder annuity trust (CRAT) and the charitable remainder unit trust (CRUT).
Chinese Remainder Theorem. A theorem about the unique factorization of integers which can be utilized to speed up the computation of some cryptographic algorithms.
Criteria referenced testing
Criterion Referenced Tests. Tests which measure an individual's performance against a specific standard or criterion; used to measure actual learning or diagnose instructional needs.
Criterion Referenced Test. Assessment instrument used to diagnose skill levels achieved on each of several specific tasks applicable to a particular situation in a given classroom or school.
Certified Respiratory Therapist I ADDED THIS ONE SINCE WE HAD RRT BELOW
acronym for Certified Respiratory Therapist.
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CRV Csound
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D-ILA dB (Decibel) DCDi(tm)
n. Abbreviation for Combat Result Table. Common wargame term. A table that summarizes various possible results of a combat taking into account atttack strength (often as a ratio of attack value/defense value) in a each column of the table and the possible values of a di(c)e roll in each row of the table. D6 n. Common abbreviation for 'six-sided die'. Similarly D8 refers to 'eight-sided die'. d10, d12, and d20 are also common terms. A pair of six-sided dice is sometimes called 2D6. These abbreviations are most common in RPGs and wargames.
Tequila Regulatory Council (Consejo Regulador del Tequila), a private non-profit organization responsible for the regulation, verification, and quality certification of tequila.
Critical Response Team
Combat Repair Team
Casualty Response Team
Commuter Rail Transit. Long-haul rail passenger service operating between metropolitan and suburban areas, within or across the geographical boundaries of a state, which is usually characterized by reduced fares for multiple rides, and commutation tickets for regular, recurring riders.
Continuously Regenerating Technology
Continuously Regenerating Trap.
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See Current Reality Tree
Current Reality Tree. A logic-based tool that uses cause-and-effect relationships to determine root problems that produce undesirable effects ( UDEs) on the system.
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There are two types of unrelated files that use this suffix. The more common type is designed to hold certificates used to authenticate resources sent over the Internet; the less common type is a UNIX crontab file used to schedule automatic repeating tasks.
Coalition for Recreational Trails
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capillary refill time DX diagnosis
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Cluster Randomised Trial
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Civil Rights Division
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Cash Register Tape
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