Definitions for "Crozier"
The bishop's staff representing a shepherd's crook.
ornamental shepherd's crook, carried by abbot (or bishop).
a staff surmounted by a crook or cross carried by bishops as a symbol of pastoral office
A recurved hook at the tip of an ascogenous hypha, the penultimate cell of which will become the ascus. ( 15)
the hook of an ascogenous hypha prior to formation of the ascus.
Coiled juvenile frond of a fern.
Uncurling frond.
the spirally coiled "fiddlehead" of an immature fern leaf
Crozier is a lunar crater that is located along the southwest edge of Mare Fecunditatis, a lunar mare in the eastern part of the Moon's near side. It lies to the east-northeast of the prominent Colombo crater, and southeast of the small Bellot crater.
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See Crosier.