Definitions for "CROWNING"
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When the baby's head is visible at the vaginal opening.
The first appearance of a baby's scalp during the birth process.
The phase at the end of labor when the infant's head becomes visible at the vaginal opening.
Crowning is when the center face of a board is higher in the middle than both edges like an inverted “U”. Crowning is a often a response to excess moisture or dryness on one surface of the board or from sanding a cupped board smooth, which appears as a crowned board when the floor relaxes to its original position. Crowning is the opposite of cupping.
The downward formation of wood (floor) planking, caused when moisture is absorbed from above the wood (floor) planking.
When flooring boards appear to be thicker or curve up in the center of the face of each board. Usually caused by sanding when the wood is cupped.
representing a level of the highest possible achievement or attainment; "the crowning accomplishment of his career"
The act of forming the radius on the muzzle end of a barrel.
The rounding or chamfering normally done to a barrel muzzle to insure that the mouth of the bore is square with the bore axis and that the edge is countersunk below the surface to protect it from impact damage. Traditionally. crowning was accomplished by spinning an abrasive coated brass ball against the muzzle while moving it in a figure eight pattern until the abrasive had cut away any irregularities and produced a uniform and square mouth.
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forming or providing a crown or summit; "the crowning star on a Christmas tree"; "her hair was her crowning glory"
Building the center of a mound of stuffing higher than its perimeter.
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a fire that spreads through the canopy of a forest, usually rapid.
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The slight building up of the middle section of a road so that surface water flows off the sides.