Definitions for "crow's nest"
A box or platform near the top of a mast, esp. in whalers, to shelter the man on the lookout.
A platform attached near the top of the mast offering an uninterrupted view forward.
A lookout station positioned at the highest practical point on a ships mast. The origin of "nest" seems obvious, but why crows? One possibility is that Norse ships carried ravens in cages, which were hoisted aloft and released in order to find the direction to the nearest land.
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See Cupola.
The cupola or box-like structure raised above the roof of a caboose from which a trainman may see along the train while it is in motion.
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Crow's Nest is a hill north of So Uk in Cheung Sha Wan of New Kowloon in Hong Kong. With height of 194 metres, it is located south of Eagle's Nest. Major Road like Lung Cheung Road and Tai Po Road are at her south slope.
The area where the announcer, judges and others watch the greyhound races from a high vantage point.