Definitions for "crossover "
A selective filter which splits signals into different frequency bands that can be fed independently to separate speakers. A passive crossover filters signals after they have been amplified. An active crossover (more effective and flexible) filters signals before amplification, sending different signals to different amps.
A circuit that acts as a filter dividing the frequency spectrum into two or more parts. It's the crossover's job to send only high frequencies to the tweeter and only low frequencies to the woofer, and midrange frequencies to the midrange driver.
A circuit, normally built into a speaker system which divides the full-range audio signal from an amplifier in order to feed the individual drive units, ie: bass, midrange and treble. Since drivers are different sizes, they can only reproduce certain frequencies; therefore the full-range signal from the amplifier (or sound desk) needs to be divided up into ones that are just bass, mid-range.
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A plot which involves existing characters that are normally not seen together. For instance, a story in which Mega Man and Mario interact would be a crossover.
Crossovers are a combination of two different fandoms. They can range from the semi-logical (AFI/Tiger Army) to the outright bizarre (AFI/Sesame Street...Davey/Snuffaluffagus anyone? Anyone?). The possibilities are endless in crossovers, though without proper skill and forethought, crossovers tend to come across as hideously ridiculous badfics. For this reason, crossovers have somewhat of a bad reputation and are sometimes forbidden in archives or mailing lists. May be abbreviated to C/O or x-over.
a story that combines two or more established story universes into one
A set of turnouts connecting multiple tracks. A crossover allows a train to move from one track to another. A power crossover is controlled by Centralized Traffic Control.
Point in a roller coaster in which a section of track crosses directly over another section of track.
Where two parts of the same coaster's track cross over one another.
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A method of gaining speed in which skaters cross one foot over the other. There are forward and backward crossovers.
1) Halfway through each lap in pairs skating, the skaters have to change lanes in a designated area called the crossover. 2) The motion used by skaters to negotiate curves, in which the outer foot crosses over the inner foot to help maintain balance and speed.
A method of turning corners and gaining speed on which the skater crosses one foot over the other.
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A conductor which connects to a different pin number at each end.
Ball rolling to the left of the headpin for a right-hander and vice versa for a lefty.
All the devices (computers, terminal servers, routers etc.) with separate wires for transmit and receive are DTE (Data Terminal Equipment), while modems are DCE (Data Communications Equipment). When a host is connected to a terminal both are DTE and both use pin 1 for transmit and pin 2 for receive. For the transmit line of one device to connect to the receive line of the other device, pin 1 at one end must connect to pin 2 at the other and vice versa. This is termed a Crossover, and used for EIA 423, 10BASET and FDDI.
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the appropriation of a new style (especially in popular music) by combining elements of different genres in order to appeal to a wider audience; "a jazz-classical crossover album"
Recording or artist that appeals primarily to one audience but becomes popular with another as well (e.g., a rock performer who makes jazz recordings).
In music, crossover is a term used to describe material borrowed from a different style or genre and whose popularity crosses the considered boundaries of styles or genres.
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The effect of ink from an image, rule, or line art on one printed page, which carries over to another page of a bound work.
A design element such as type or images that crosses over the trim or gutter of one page onto another page.
An image that spans two facing pages, crossing over the binding
The connection between two portions of a neon tube. It is not supposed to be seen in the finished sign. Typically, crossovers are coated with blockout, although they can also be wound with tape.
two solutions are sexually combined to form two new solutions or offspring
Abbreviated as "x-over," a fanfic that crosses characters from two shows or movies. This usually leads to awkward characterization or deus ex machina. Many are written more for entertainment purposes than as serious fanfics.
an SUV built on a car or minivan chassis instead of a truck-based platform
Many of the newer, car-based SUVs that blend the offroading benefits of an SUV with the comfort and maneuverability of a car. They look like lowered SUVs or oversized station wagons.
the interchange of sections between pairing homologous chromosomes during the prophase of meiosis.
See: chromosomal cross-over
The reciprocal exchange of genetic material between homologous chromosomes in meiosis.
In the technique of genetic algorithms, the operation of dividing two chromosomes (the ``parents'') into pieces, which are then spliced together, alternating between parents, to form a new chromosome.
Analogous to biological genetic crossover: the replacement of a randomly selected segement of a shape's command list with a randomly selected segment of a command list from another shape.
In genetic algoritms, an operator that splices information from two or more parents to form a composite offspring that has genetic material from all parents.
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The movement of a checker from one quadrant of the board to an adjacent quadrant.
When a checker moves from one quadrant of the board to another, or is borne off. It is important to use the numbers on the dice wisely when trying to save a gammon by getting as many crossovers as possible.
votes from members of one political party cast for candidates of another party; -- called also crossover vote; as, there was a high crossover in this election.
a member of one political party who votes for a candidate of another party; -- called also crossover voter.
a voter who is registered as a member of one political party but who votes in the primary of another party
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the kind of cable you need to connect an xbox DIRECTLY to another computer or xbox. if you are using a router, hub, or switch this is NOT necessary and will not work; use a regular patch cable for that. the xbox system link cable is a crossover cable. d0 - an install point in 3rd generation mods, to the right of the LPC holes. if this is not connected right the xbox will boot to the original bios like there is no modchip there
A short section of conveyor placed in a conveyor when drive is switched to opposite side of conveyor.
Crossover is a 2006 basketball film. The film stars Anthony Mackie, Wesley Jonathan, Wayne Brady, and Philip Champion. It was written and directed by Preston A.
a merging of styles
a melodic mix of soca and calypso with reggae, yard style dancehall, rhythm and blues, funk, techno, house, hip hop, rapso and rap
A style of footwork that require you to cross your feet.
a hidden passage, often behind the scenery, through which actors can go from one side of the stage to the other without being seen by the audience. Used if actors need to exit on one side and make their next entrance from the opposite side.
A crossover is a hallway, room, or catwalk designed to allow actors in a theater to move from wings on one side of a stage to wings on the other side without being seen by the audience. Sometimes this is built as a part of the theater, sometimes exiting the building is required, and still other times the set includes a false wall to create a temporary crossover. A trap room, orchestra pit, or even the front of house can be used as crossovers.
A ball thrown on the first shot that misses your pocket and hits either on the "wrong" pocket or even misses farther to the wrong pocket side.
A ball going to 1-2 pocket side for a righthander, 1-2 side for lefthander.
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A combination of stud and draw poker involving wild cards.
A combination of draw and stud poker involving wild cards.
A field installed connection of a plenum or duct for the heating/air conditioning system to accommodate an extension of the main system from one modular to another. The crossovers may be for electrical or plumbing purposes also.
1 : a change from one pumping method to another; for example, from a mechanical to a high-vacuum pump. [SEMATECH] 2 : the point on a die at which a conductor crosses over a second conductor without electrical contact. [SEMATECH
a structure, such as a bridge, bearing a path for crossing over a river or highway.
a U-shaped section of pipe which serves to pass one pipeline over another which is directly in its path.
a path (often marked) where something (as a street or railroad) can be crossed to get from one side to the other
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See Brooklyn.
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A dress shirt collar with a laydown collar that crosses and fastens at center front. Commonly worn with a button cover.
When the faster indicator crosses above (bullish crossover) or below (bearish crossover) the slower indicator. For example, if a 5-day moving average crosses under a 13-day moving average, it is a bearish crossover.
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"Crossover" is an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine the 23rd episode of the second season. It is the first Deep Space Nine Mirror Universe episode.
Crossover is a fast Linux daemon intended to be used as a load-balancing tool for various Web services. It is designed to have many Web servers hidden behind one firewall/IP address. It is simple to use, maintain, or extend. A small patch to Apache is needed in order to see client IP addresses on the Web server. It has been used to route multi-gigabyte traffic without any problems.
Under the Advisory Guidelines, refers to the situation where one spouse applies to vary spousal support after child support has ceased and the with child support formula is no longer applicable, to bring spousal support under the without child support formula.
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a contact obstacle
a simple matter of concatenating a list of feature type-value pairs from each parent agent
Creating a new individual's representation from parts of its parents' representations.
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a hard thing to prototype because you need very low impedance connections
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originally devised to describe movement from the black charts to the pop charts, it now designates any record that gets its start in a specialized market and then goes pop
Participants in the intervention group receive the control treatment upon completion of the treatment cycle. Similarly those in the control group ‘crossoverâ€(tm) and receive the experimental intervention.
(or Crossover Refunding) In a crossover refunding, the revenue stream originally pledged to secure the bonds being refunded continues to be used to pay debt service on the refunded bonds until they mature or are called. At that time the pledged revenues "cross over" the pay debt service on the refunding securities.
A wiring function that connects the transmitter at one end of the link to the receiver at the other, either externally or internally.
a fair example under normal circumstance
contains material from more than one television show, movie, or other source.
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See spread.