Definitions for "Crosshead"
Keywords:  piston, rod, slides, guide, hinge
A beam or bar across the head or end of a rod, etc., or a block attached to it and carrying a knuckle pin; as the solid crosspiece running between parallel slides, which receives motion from the piston of a steam engine and imparts it to the connecting rod, which is hinged to the crosshead.
Used to guide and connect the piston rod to the coupling rod.
metal block that connects to a piston; it slides on parallel guides and moves a connecting rod back and forth
Decorative form that resembles a lintel used to top a door or window, consisting of a breastboard with crown moulding surrounding the top portion, and moulded together as one piece. Crossheads come in heights from 6" to 18". A variety of accessories can be added to complement the design of a simple crosshead. (Also see Door Crosshead and Window Crosshead).
Perforation made at the half-fold to improve the quality of the fold and help prevent gussetting and wrinkling at the head of the signature.
a heading of a subsection printed within the body of the text
Keywords:  subhead, centered, see
A centered subheading (see subhead)
Keywords:  selector, traveling, car, upper, frame
(1) The upper member of the car frame. (2) The traveling member of a selector.
A device which is attached to the discharge end of the extruder cylinder to facilitate extruding materials at an angle.